Our Credit Repair Services

24/7 Account Accessibility

Have access to all of your account information around the clock when you need it most.

Budget Analysis, Preparation & Monthly Review

Understand your financial position by seeing where your money is being spent and managed, and whether the budget meets your life goals. 

Building & Rebuilding Techniques & Strategies

We provide the latest tips, tools and techniques for successfully building and rebuilding credit, helping consumers gain an understanding of the complexities of personal and/or business credit. 

ChexSystems Verification & Assistance

Consumer reporting agencies are designed to validate if you have mishandled bank accounts in the past, such as overdrawing accounts, bouncing checks and more.

Complete Credit Audit & Credit Restoration

We leverage consumer's right; possess the education, knowledge and support to assist with the removal of inaccurate, erroneous, obsolete and/or inaccurate derogatory tradelines and personal identifiers.

Limitless Email Support

You have questions and we have the answers. Get answers to frequently asked questions. Our representatives are available around the clock to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.  


Preparations for Home Ownership

 Home ownership may be the single most important asset-building strategy for individuals and families. We can help you prepare for the financial responsibilities for your dream home.   

Program Completion

Get on the fast track of having your credit looking its best in no time. Successful candidates who thoroughly follow our fast track methods have completed the program in as little as 4-6 months.

Public Record Verification & Assistance

The main public records that you will contend with on your credit reports are: bankruptcy, civil judgments, repossessions, evictions and/or tax liens. Many consumers are challenged with credit denials or higher interest rates; of which, may result to making higher monthly payments in return. Let us help!  

Unlimited Credit Education & Credit Advice

Receive unlimited advice and discuss popular topics from credit reports and scores to life events, identity theft, fraud and more. We want to keep you informed and provide personal assistance on matters that impact you the most. 

Our Funding Services

Personal Loans


Personal Lines of Credit


Business Loans


Business Lines of Credit


Credit Cards


Real Estate Investment


Business Credit

No Personal Guarantee

Avoid making costly financial mistakes by using personal credit for financing a business. Having the proper necessities in place to successfully establish a business identity is vital.

Maximize & Build Wealth

The ability to grow a business swiftly and build wealth through the establishment of trade lines with vendors, suppliers and lenders. Gain the knowledge of generating business leverage through net accounts, revolving credit and business financing.

Business Reporting & Scoring

Understand the importance of monitoring business credit reports and scoring reported by the major business credit bureaus. Develop healthy financial stability habits to prevent high risk ratings and potentially distress to the business.